Nytech Audio make a range of high quality of audio cables for both classic and new Nytech equipment.

All signal cables have subtle sound characteristics which can suit different musical tastes or system components.

Because of this we offer two different types of Phono to Phono audio interconnects (Classic cables are limited to a single type). It's not for us to say which sounds "better" as that will depend on one thing, your ears!  For this reason all cables purchased from the online shop are supplied with a 30 day full refund guarantee to give you time and the freedom to evaluate the cable in your own home and on your own system. Please note however that we will only refund returned postage costs against the purchase of another product. We have to do this to prevent trivial cable purchases and keep costs to a bare minimum.

All our "Classic" cables use professional connectors (Neutrik or Rean) using gold plated signal contacts and ultra pure OFC (Oxygen free copper) cable.

Our "Elite"  and "Connoisseur" Phono cables use professional Neutrik or Rean connectors and silver plated ultra pure OFC cable (Elite) or a carefully chosen mixture of silver plated ultra pure OFC and ultra pure OFC conductors (Connoisseur).

For ease of use in the shop we offer "standard" lengths of 1 metre / 1.5 metres / 2 metres. If you need a different length then please contact us for a quote.

Please note that all our cables are made to order and will generally be dispatched within 7 days.

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