CP202 Stereo Preamplifier (Deposit)

CP202 Stereo Preamplifier (Deposit)

£149.95 / unit(s)
Price plus delivery


The CP202 is a high quality hand built stereo preamplifier with an emphasis on simplicity, ease of use, and the uncompromising sound quality that Nytech Audio has always stood for.


Designed to do its job for many years, the CP202 uses the highest quality materials made by artisan craftsmen in South Wales, UK. From the solid hardwood end cheeks (no veneer!) to the carefully chosen internal components we pride ourselves in the fact that all our equipment is built in the UK to exceptional standards.


The CP202 is hand built by a single engineer to your order and delivery times will normally be within 28 days of placing your order. Special request woods may require longer times to source the wood.


Unlike much of today's technology, the CP202 uses no apps, does not require software updates, and is designed to do a single job very well. It will give you many years of service without becoming obsolete. It's an investment in your musical pleasure, which will not tie you in to expensive contracts, constant upgrades and the inevitable built in obsolescence that a lot of modern technology ties you into. It also comes with a remote control which doesn't resemble an aircraft flight deck (only 8 buttons!).


The CP202 as standard has four analogue line level inputs, two of these inputs are modular and can be changed by your dealer for optional input modules (such as a RIAA preamp for vinyl). Other modules (like a DAC) are currently under development. It can also control the power to other Nytech equipment via its GPI (general purpose interface) which broadcasters and professional audio equipment manufacturers have used for decades to control “slave” equipment.


Inputs 1 and 2 have internal 6dB attenuators (selected by links) to allow better sound balance between traditional analogue sources and the analogue outputs of some digital sources which can have a much higher level output.


The CP202 also has its own built in high quality headphone amplifier so that headphone use is possible without a power amplifier and without compromising the main signal path between pre and power amplifier. Inserting a headphone jack will mute the main output and if used with a modern Nytech power amplifier (CPA401 or CPA402) it will turn off the power to the power amps as well.


Owners may also choose from five solid wood trims to fit in with their listening room decor.


Walnut (dark),
Light Oak (medium),
Cherry (medium),
Ash (very pale),
Black Ash (otherwise known as black!).


Other wood types can be made to special order. Contact us for details.


IMPORTANT - All CP202 sales are finalised through our dealers, Audio T in Cardiff and Norvett Electronics in Brighton.  The price at checkout is just the 10% deposit to secure the order. The total cost of the CP202 (including UK VAT) is £1499.50 and the balance remainder (including delivery) will be handled by the dealer who will be able to offer more payment options (including credit card and international payments without VAT).


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