CPA402 Stereo Power Amplifier (Deposit)

CPA402 Stereo Power Amplifier (Deposit)

£149.95 / unit(s)
Price plus delivery


The CPA402 is a high quality hand built stereo power amplifier with an emphasis on simplicity, ease of use, and the uncompromising sound quality that Nytech Audio has always stood for.


Like its companion preamp the CP202, the CPA402 has been designed to do its job for many years. The CPA402 uses the highest quality materials made by artisan craftsmen in South Wales UK. From the solid hardwood end cheeks (no veneer!) to the metal case components we pride ourselves in building British to exceptional standards.


Despite its seemingly modest power output (40W RMS), the CPA402 will deliver a truly outstanding musical performance which must be heard to fully appreciate. It's an investment in your musical pleasure, and will give you many years of musical service without the built in obsolescence that a lot of modern technology ties you into.


The CPA402 will drive most 4 to 8 ohm speakers with ease and grace allowing every single nuance of the musical performance to pass effortlessly to the speaker and will enable you to hear more from your music collection than you would have thought possible.


The CPA402 can have its power controlled by other Nytech equipment or it can be powered by the front panel button if used with third party equipment. As we build to order, custom signal lead sets can be made to work with your existing equipment as required (contact us for more information).


The CPA402 has one extra trick up its sleeve. It has a slot inside for a dedicated two way active crossover filter which turns the CPA402 into an active two way (HF and LF) monoblock amplifier that can be used with the new generation of “activatable” loudspeakers as well as classic ARC, Linn and Naim “activatable” speakers. There is also a Bi amp (no filter) version of the module for people who have bi wirable speakers and wish to take full advantage of the advantages that bi-amping has to offer.


The CPA402 has dual three pin XLR sockets (note: these are not balanced although they will work with balanced output preamps) for input and also has a pair of phono socket inputs for third party equipment.


The CPA402 is hand built by a single engineer to your order and delivery times will normally be within 28 days of placing your order. Special request woods may require longer times to source the wood.


Like the CP202, owners may choose from five real wood trims.


Walnut (dark),
Light Oak (
Cherry (medium),
Ash (very pale),
Black Ash (otherwise known as black!).


(Other wood types can be made to special order. Contact us for details)


IMPORTANT - All CPA402 sales are finalised through our dealers, Audio T in Cardiff and Norvett Electronics in Brighton.  The price at checkout is just the 10% deposit to secure the order. The total cost of the CPA402 (including UK VAT) is £1499.50 and the balance remainder (including delivery) will be handled by the dealer who will be able to offer more payment options (including credit card and international payments without VAT).


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