CP132 Control Centre (Deposit)

CP132 Control Centre (Deposit)

£68.00 / unit(s)
Price plus delivery

IMPORTANT - The CP132 is currently undergoing a major facelift with a new case style similar to the CP202/CPA402 - The new version will be available later in the year.


The CP132 was designed to be an easy to operate input selector and volume control at the heart of your music system. It has no menus or complicated setup and features a streamlined remote that only features the buttons you really need.

The front panel of the CP132 Control Centre features just three buttons: Volume up; Volume down; Input select (short press) and power on/off (long press).

The selected input is displayed on a 2x16 Character OLED green/yellow display which also shows volume level.

The CP132 has 4 stereo RCA phono socket inputs and separate XLR Left and Right channel unbalanced outputs.

The XLR outputs can also control the power to other Nytech equipment, ensuring simple connectivity and control work hand in hand with environmentally friendly power saving.

For reasons of sound quality the CP132 contains no internal DAC for digital sources.  An external DAC for USB based sources will be made available separately.

The CP132 features bamboo end cheeks, which are not only decorative but also help to acoustically decouple the unit from whatever it is resting on.


Brief Technical Specifications

We include specifications for guidance only. Your ears will give you all the information you require to decide if our equipment meets your needs.

Remember it's about the music not numbers!


4X -10dBu input using gold plated RCA phono sockets

L+R output unbalanced on 3 pin XLR male sockets + power control out for other Nytech equipment

Maximum output
+10dBu (7.07v RMS or 20v Pk-Pk)

Noise floor

Power requirements
9vDC (0.05W standby and 1W operating) plus 30VDC (0W standby and 5W operating)
Power is supplied from the matching CPS102 power supply which is required for the CP132 to function correctly

(including feet) Width 206mm (8.125 ins) x Height 70mm (3.75ins) x Depth 140mm (6.3ins)
Allow an additional 60mm depth for phono and XLR connectors and cable

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