CPA401 Power amplifier (Deposit)

CPA401 Power amplifier (Deposit)

£50.00 / unit(s)
Price plus delivery

IMPORTANT - The CPA401 is currently undergoing a major facelift with a new case style similar to the CP202/CPA402 - The new version will be available later in the year.

The CPA401 Power amplifier is a mono power amplifier (two required for normal stereo use).  Power is controlled by the CP132 preamp or other Nytech control systems.

A special input lead is also available for users who wish to use the CPA401 with other equipment, it turns the power amp on whilst connected overriding the power control.
Please note that you need an alternative power off arangement if used in this way.


Brief Technical Specifications

We include specifications for guidance only. Your ears will give you all the information you require to decide if our equipment meets your needs.

Remember it's about the music, not numbers!

0dBu (0.707V RMS) unbalanced on 3 pin male XLR

Pin 2 of input XLR - Short to signal earth to turn power on

4mm 30A terminal post (accepts 4mm plugs, spade terminals or bare ends (4mm max)

Maximum output
40W RMS into 8 ohms - 75W RMS into 4 ohms

Amplifier gain

Noise floor

Power requirements
220-250V AC 50-60Hz or 100-120VAC 50-60Hz 100VA max (IEC type "C" connector)

(including feet) Width 206mm (8.125 ins) x Height 70mm (3.75ins) x Depth 140mm (6.3ins)
Allow an additional 60mm depth for phono and XLR connectors and cable


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