CDP102 Moving coil adaptor (Kit)

CDP102 Moving coil adaptor (Kit)

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The CDP102 is an adaptor which will allow you to use a low output moving coil cartridge with your existing moving magnet phono input.

Many manufacturers "tweak" the sound of their phono stages to produce a certain sound signature which suits their customers' tastes. This means that when you upgrade to a low output moving coil cartridge you either have to use a step up transformer with your existing phono stage or buy a new phono stage completely.

Both these methods can significantly affect the sound you end up with and if badly chosen can even result in a worse sound than the original MM setup.

The Nytech MC adaptor gets around these issues by performing the same role as a step up transformer without altering the characteristics of the sound in the way that transformers can. It also has a very low noise level (1dB) and excellent matching characteristics with a very low input impedence and high output impedence needed for most MM inputs. This means that you retain the sound characteristics of your existing phono stage but benefit from the improvements that a decent MC cartridge has to offer.

The unit is battery powered to eliminate hum and noise issues. Because the unit uses very little power an alkaline PP3 battery would last about a year, even if left on all the time.

The kit version comes with all parts needed and a pre finished case with all holes drilled so there is no need to do any metalwork. It also includes the solder to comply with Eurpopean safety directives.

Also included is a comprehensive step by step build manual to help you create a quality product that you can proudly declare "I made that".

You will need various tools to build this item. A list can be found on the kit builders guide on the main Nytech website here

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