Electronic crossover module for CPA402


Electronic crossover module for CPA402

£180.00 / 2 unit(s)
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An electronic crossover module that converts a CPA402 into an active (HF and LF) monoblock to drive either Bi wired or active (no internal crossover) loudspeakers.

The BiAmp version has no filter elements and allows the user to drive a "Bi wirable speaker" (these have an internal passive crossover but have separate terminals for HF and LF) with separate amplifiers, as this uses the speaker crossover then the BiAmp module can be used with any Bi wirable speaker.

The Active crossover version has the crossover built into the module and the power amplifier outputs drive the speaker drive units directly therefore removing the losses introduced by the passive crossover. The Active module is speaker specific so you must order the correct module for your speaker type. Only "active" speakers which bring the drive unit connections directly out to terminals and either have a separate plug in passive crossover or removable links to the internal passive crossover can be used with the active module.

Currently we have active modules for the following speakers:

"Classic" loudspeakers

Acoustic reproduction company (ARC)
ARC101 (Square Tweeter)
ARC101 (Round tweeter)

Sara (Mk 1 and 2)

Ion systems

Modern loudspeakers

Nero Electronics

We are in discussions with several speaker manufacturers at the moment who are interested in developing active loudspeakers with separate electronics. Please keep visiting the website or follow us on Facebook for the latest developments.


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