"Classic" DIN-DIN cable - preamp to poweramp

"Classic" DIN-DIN cable - preamp to poweramp

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A high quality DIN-DIN cross wired OFC stereo cable for use between preamplifier and power amplifier (NOT suitable for tape connections).

These cables are will only work one way around so they are colour coded

Yellow = signal source (ie Preamp output) and RED = signal destination (ie Power amp input)

Cable is wired as follows:

Pin 1 - Pin 3
Pin 4 - Pin 5
Pin 2 - Pin 2

Cable is suitable to connect a classic Nytech preamplifier to a classic Nytech power amplifier and a preamplifier to electronic crossover or an electronic crossover to power amplifier.
This Cable is NOT suitable for connection between a source and a tape recorder or to connect the CTA252/CA252 to the CXA252 electronic crossover amplifier.

Standard lengths are

1 metre / 1.5 metres / 2 metres

Please contact us if you require a longer cable or a specific cable length.

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