"Elite" Phono - Phono (RCA jack) cable

"Elite" Phono - Phono (RCA jack) cable

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The Elite phono to phono (RCA jack) cable has been designed to offer the best possible sound performance at a reasonable price. However because of the higher silver content in this cable, the "per metre" costs for longer lengths are higher.

The cables use Neutrik / Rean all metal machined gold plated phono plugs with substantial grounding "fingers" to ensure a good quality earth connection.

Cable Details

Signal Conductor
37x0.1mm silver plated OFC ultra pure conductors

Signal Insulation
Foam polyethylene insulator

Inner Screen
Conductive plastic inner shied to reduce cable microphony.

Outer Screen
128x 0.12mm silver plated OFC copper braid with 100% coverage to suppress RF interference and provide an extremely low impedence ground conductor.

Outer Insulation
6mm diameter clear polyethylene

Cable Capacitance

The Elite cable is a very flexible but robust audio cable with a sound that is highly musical and pleasing on the ear. It is particularly suited for longer cable runs where the risks of signal loss are greater.

Because this cable is a precision made true coaxial (rather then twisted pair) cable, it can also be used for digital signals, especially longer lengths as the digital signal loss is very small.

Standard lengths are

1 metre / 1.5 metres / 2 metres

Please contact us if you require a longer cable or a specific cable length.


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