"Connoisseur" Phono - Phono (RCA jack) audio cable

"Connoisseur" Phono - Phono (RCA jack) audio cable

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The Connoisseur range of audio cables have a slightly "laid back" sound compared to the Elite cables but maintain the same high level of musicality, detail and accuracy.

The Neutrik / Rean phono connectors used are identical to the connectors used in the Elite cables but the cable is screened twisted pair rather than co-axial and the signal conductors use a carefully chosen mixture of pure OFC and silver plated OFC cable for a slightly "laid back" sound for music lovers who don't wish to be slapped in the face by their music

They are well suited to Jazz, Blues and Easy listening music but can also be used to subtly "tame" an over zealous DAC or CD player.

Cable Details

Signal Conductors
7x 0.1mm Silver plated OFC condutors interwound with 21x 0.1mm OFC conductors wound into a twisted pair

Signal Insulation
1.6mm diameter XLPE cross linked polyethylene

Signal Screen
80x 0.1mm close lap spiral wound ultra pure OFC conductors

Outer Insulation
6mm Diameter flexable PVC / Neoprene composite

150pF / metre

Due to the twisted pair construction and higher capacitance, these cables are NOT suitable for coaxial digital audio connections.

Standard lengths are

1 metre / 1.5 metres / 2 metres

Please contact us if you require a longer cable or a specific cable length.

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