CTA252 Tuner / Amplifier and CTP102 Tuner / Preamp service kit

CTA252 Tuner / Amplifier and CTP102 Tuner / Preamp service kit

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A service kit for the CA252 Integrated amplifier

PLEASE NOTE: This kit is for experienced electronic engineers or hobbyists and is NOT INTENDED FOR THE BEGINNER. If you do not think you can perform the service WITHOUT INSTRUCTION then DO NOT BUY THIS KIT.

The CTA and CTP is a very complex 3D jigsaw puzzle and dismantling and re-assembling it is not a task for the faint hearted. Also note that PCB board modification is required for the power supply board on the CTA252 XDII to accommodate the new power supply capacitors.

Kit includes:

All electrolytic capacitors (Panasonic "ECA" audio grade for signal paths and Sanwha for power supplies).

All metal film capacitors (Wima Polypropylene).

All Molex inter PCB sockets.

LED light strip (replaces meter lamps).

Replacement speaker sockets for CTA252 XDII Mk2 with 4mm "direct" speaker sockets (Cliff 4mm terminal posts which can be used with 4mm speaker plugs, spade terminals or bare wire).

Hints and tips for testing your amplifier after service.

Please verify which version of the CTA252 or CTP102 you have before ordering as the parts lists differ considerably between versions. If you aren't sure which version you have then please contact us for advice.


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