CXA252 Crossover/Amplifier Service / Upgrade kit

CXA252 Crossover/Amplifier Service / Upgrade kit

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A service or upgrade kit for the CXA252 crossover / amplifier

PLEASE NOTE: This kit is for experienced electronic engineers or hobbyists and is NOT INTENDED FOR THE BEGINNER. If you do not think you can perform the service WITHOUT INSTRUCTION then DO NOT BUY THIS KIT.

Service kit includes:

All electrolytic capacitors (Panasonic "ECA" audio grade for signal paths and Sanwha for power supplies).

All metal film capacitors (Wima Polypropylene).

Replacement speaker sockets (Cliff 4mm terminal posts which can be used with 4mm speaker plugs, spade terminals or bare wire).

Hints and tips for testing your amplifier after service.

The Upgrade kit also includes our new replacement crossover board which offers significant improvements in sound quality over the original board.

An "anti thump" modification kit to remove the switch on thump is also available separately here and is strongly recommended for active speaker systems to reduce the risk of tweeter damage.

If you decide to order the crossover board upgrade then please let us know about your speaker setup, either by filling out the "special instructions box" towards the end of the checkout process or by a separate e-mail. We will ask you anyway as part of the post order consultation process if you don't let us know beforehand.


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